About us

Khetee is a nongovernmental organisation founded by Kumar Neeraj.

Based in Durdih village, the organisation focuses on improving the agronomic status in Bihar. About 75% of Indian population are dependent on farming. In Bihar the percentage is even higher up to 80%. Poverty in Bihar which is one of the highest in the country is mainly due to the poor status of agriculture in the state. The major issues associated with agriculture here are lower- productivity, micro-ownership of land, lack of access to external resources like finance and market.

Khetee is based on the philosophy of the founder, “releasing potential in people by removing superstitions and focusing on technology based farming.” So we wish that the agricultural sector is no more treated as undervalued and neglected among farmer families. We run capacity development training programs for farmers which include high yielding farming methods like System of Rice Intensification (SRI) technology.  As a result, farmers will gain confidence in their ability to get more from less by modifying their crop-management practices. This will enable them to provide livelihood for their families, secure food, obtain surpluses, and avoid or repay debts. Thus farming will become productive, sustainable and profitable under Khetee.